Cog Threads

Every day, people are searching for new, improved ways to restore youth to their face without having to undergo an extremely invasive procedure with weeks of downtime. Luckily, PDO Threads have been introduced as a way to give patients restored volume and a reshaped face in a quick, thirty-minute procedure.

Dr Rena Sacca proudly offers PDO Threads at her medical clinic. 

PDO - COG Thread is a procedure used to provide patients with a fresh, youthful look without the hassle of scars and unbearable downtime. The PDO-COG Thread procedure involves the use of a state of the art, resorbable suspension suture with re-absorbable bidirectional Cogs. The technique can be used for all areas of the face and neck and only takes thirty minutes to complete. Ideal candidates for PDO-COG Threads are men and women over 30 who want noticeable, yet natural results without receiving heavy, invasive treatment.

PDO - COG Threads are also a popular choice of treatment due to its ability to provide both immediate and gradual results. As soon as PDO-COG Threads are applied a lifting action occurs, resulting in the instant result. Then, a regenerative action gradually occurs as it promotes collagen restoration in the skin, providing the overall naturally youthful result.

Prior to the procedure, Dr. Sacca will inject a small amount of local anaesthetic before inserting the suture under the skin at a depth of about five millimetres. No incisions are required as the suture is inserted with a fine needle.

Once the suture is applied, the doctor will slightly pull the tissue to reshape it and create a lifted effect. After treatment, you may experience slight bruising or skin irregularities at the entry points. These are normal and should subside in a few days. Your doctor will also prescribe an antibiotic cream to apply to the treatment areas. However, normal social and work activities can be resumed immediately.

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