Voluma XC

Over time our skin loses its elasticity and starts to sag. With age, cheeks tend to flatten and the skin surrounding the cheekbone may droop downwards. Voluma XC, a filler made by Juvéderm, is specifically designed to augment the volume in the cheek by lifting and shaping the area injected.

Dr Rena Sacca at
Elixir Medical Clinic, is pleased to offer this highly effective filler solution to patients looking to rejuvenate their appearance. 

Treatment Areas

By the time we reach our 40s or 50s, it’s normal to experience “age-related midface volume loss”, which is when the skin around the cheek and cheekbones begins to flatten and drop with age. Voluma XC is the ideal filler for lifting hollow, drooping cheeks. While other fillers are used to reduced wrinkles or lines around the eyes and lips, Voluma XC is a deeper injection, which enables it to revitalize the cheekbone area by adding volume beneath the skin.

How Voluma Works

Voluma XC is able to restore volume to your skin because of its dense Hyaluronic Acid (HA) formula. Hyaluronic acid is a hydrating agent that naturally exists in our skin. Voluma XC’s thicker HA gel injectable is inserted above the cheekbone area, immediately adding volume to the skin and giving patients a more youthful appearance.
While the Voluma XC filler gives fast results that continue to appear over time, following the procedure the cheek area may feel swollen and stiff due to the dense nature of the filler. This should only last about three to seven days after the injection. Furthermore, as the filler settles over time the skin will continue to soften and become smoother.

Long Lasting Results

Voluma XC offers results that last for up to two years, making it the longest lasting filler on the market. Moreover, studies have shown that patients who received Voluma XC injections needed less formula to achieve their aesthetic goals when being treated approximately 2 years later. In addition, a clinical study by Juvéderm stated that 6 months after Voluma XC treatment patients reported looking at least 5 years younger.

Why Choose Elixir Medical Clinic?

Located in Central Kalamata, Elixir Medical Clinic maintains a profound commitment to patient safety, in addition to its strong commitment to patient satisfaction. Due to its central location enables Elixir Medical Clinic to provide expert cosmetic and dermatological solutions at a convenient location for numerous clients. Furthermore, Dr.Irene Sacca Medical Clinic’s medical director, is a highly experience physician with broad global training in both the general-family medical and aesthetic medical field. 

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