Puffy Eyes

and dark circles

Without doubt the region of the eyes is the most fragile and fine region of the face.

Nevertheless, scientists have managed not only to protect and to soften the wrinkles round the eyes, but to soften the black circles and the “puffiness” under the eyes.

In Elixir Medical Aesthetics we have developed a unique method of reducing dark circles in a 40-50% rate and puffiness in almost 80-100%, performing microinjections in the area under the eyes. This method is based on a revolutionary mesotherapy treatment.

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Is the procedure painfull?

The microinjections in a very delicate region like the one under the eye might cause a little discomfort, that’s why we apply a painrelief cream an hour before.

Will we be able to return to our normal routine afterwards?

The skin under your eyes might be slightly bruised and swollen .These side effects are temporary and typically resolve themselves in a few days.

How long do the results last?

We advice you to follow a three session program with an interval of three weeks between the treatments .Nevertheless the results will be noticeable from the first session.

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